Citrus fruits – when life gives you lemons

_63A6041You can make so much more than just lemonade! And why should we limit ourselves to lemons and not just celebrate all citrus fruits? Basically, when life gives you citrus, you make, bake, cook and juice anything you can imagine.

At Carduccio, we have our citrus fruits delivered all the way from hot and sunny Sicily. Organic farmers from this region grow lemons, oranges, grapefruits and limes with lots of love and passion. Thanks to their devotion, and the amazing citrus season this time of the year, we can work with the juiciest, most tasteful vitamin bombs every day.

The reason why we are so grateful for these brightly coloured, zesty, sweet & sour bouncing balls? Besides being an excellent source of vitamin C, citrus fruits are also high in antioxidants, which are believed to slow the aging process. Lemons in particularly have many beauty benefits, such as removing acne and blackheads, and whitening teeth. Oranges are high in vitamin A, which helps protect the eyes, and potassium, which helps keep the heart healthy and beating regularly. One orange will give you the amount of fiber for which you have to eat 7 cups of cornflakes. Grapefruits help detox the body and give you an extra energy boost.

So enough with the fun facts. Let’s talk about how citrus fruits end up on our plate at Carduccio! One of our favourites is orange salad with fennel, oil, salt and pepper, a traditional Italian recipe with which you can never go wrong. Grapefruit salad with nuts and Parmesan cheese is also a returning item on our menu. We use a variety of citrus fruits in our juices and smoothies as well, from the well known OJ to combinations with beetroot and celery .Do you want to start cooking tasty citrus recipes yourself? Come in and get your groceries at Carduccio, we’d be happy to give you tips and advice on how to endlessly vary with organic lemons, oranges and grapefruits.

See you at Carduccio!