We exclusively work with organic and biodynamic farms. Our farmers are located in various areas of Italy and most of them are certified. Together with the farmers we guarantee chemical-free products, by using the purest and best soil in the country that is brimming with minerals and nutrients.

Organic agriculture guarantees the nutritional quality of food



What is organic?

Organic agriculture is a production method that excludes the use of chemical products in the cultivation, transformation and storage of agricultural products. ‘Regular’ agricultural products are often treated with synthetically produced herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers and dyes. These are prohibited in the organic cultivation method. Animals, vegetables and minerals are naturally derived products that replace the synthetic practice. This environmental-friendly cultivation method helps to protect and maintain the fields without jeopardizing fragile ecosystems, while avoiding the waste of natural sources.


What is biodynamic?

In biodynamic agriculture the farmer goes a step further than the above-mentioned method. In addition to the absence of chemicals and synthetics, the ground in biodynamic agriculture is self-sufficient. In line with the Rudolph Steiner principle, the Earth’s elements are the cultivation strength of the process.