Avocado – Our green treasures from Messina

  IMG_5439Mediterranean sea breeze and a whole lotta sun is sometimes all you need. On the coast of Messina, Sicily, you’ll find the organic farm that brings us our avocados. The farm is built on a hill. According to our farmer, height and coastal wind are the best conditions for avocado trees to live a happy life and grow those firm, tasty, and nutrient-dense green fruits. And we cannot get enough of them!

Avocados are one of the only fruits that contain hearth-healthy monounsaturated fat. Say what? To put it simple: the fat that is good for you and helps boost good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol. Besides being hearth-friendly, avocados are also little fountains of youth. By buttering your face with a ripe avocado, its creamy nutrients, healthy fat and vitamins keep your skin smooth and fight wrinkles. Fitness fanatics know their avocado benefits too: avocados have the highest protein content of all fruits!

They come in different sizes, shapes and shades of green. They allow you to vary endlessly. Put some spread on your bread? Avocado! Dip your crudités in guacamole? Avocado! Add some soft to your salad? Avocado! Whether you mash, squash, cut, blend or thinly chop your avocado and whether you mix it with other food or eat it straight and pure, avocado is always a healthy and tasty option.

At Carduccio we like varying with our crostoni and trying new combinations with avocados. At the moment we serve crostone with goat’s cheese, marinated red onions, avocado and toasted almonds.

Curious about how those green treasures from Messina tickle your taste buds? Come in and taste them yourself at Carduccio!